Blue Network Service Details – Complete List

MSP Level I
Our MSP Level I is a set of essential services. This basic package is recommended for small workgroups or individuals without a complex IT infrastructure.

Q. Who should consider MSP Level I?

A. Southern California sole proprietors or a few people working from home, or in minimal office environments without servers.

Organizations with 'Always On' devices such as servers or other critical centralized systems should consider MSP Level II

IT Consultation and Planning
Blue Network provides consultation for any IT-related needs. We bridge between you and unfamiliar technology. Get recommendations from experts with experience in a wide range of fields. We're here to help research, analyze and test hardware, software or any other IT-related systems to help find the best solution for the job.

Hardware, Software and Services Procurement
Blue Network can take on the often time-consuming burden of hardware, software and technology services procurement. We know that your time is valuable. We'll facilitate your orders from multiple different vendors, and follow up through delivery and beyond.

IT Infrastructure Implementation
Blue Network can implement IT infrastructure projects from the most basic to the most complex. Work on the cutting edge. From delivery to setup, configuration and post-install training, we will get the job done. Blue Network gives the highest priority to uptime. Implementation projects may be scheduled outside of normal business hours, such as evenings or weekends, in order to minimize the impact on your continuously running business.

IT Infrastructure Maintenance
Blue Network provides regular routine server management functions on all Windows servers. We make your systems work at maximum performance. This includes:

  • Critical and security windows updates
  • Windows log checks and correction of errors
  • Exchange server best practices
  • Active Directory best practices
  • User Account and Group Policy management
  • Windows server and Exchange troubleshooting

We notify you - ahead of time - of any maintenance which may result in downtime. We're flexible and able to coordinate these events around your uptime requirements.

Onsite Support
Blue Network provides onsite support services by qualified engineers with Windows and/or Networking expertise making scheduled onsite visits. Shake hands with the person who does the actual work. The onsite engineers are also members of the remote support team, and vice-versa. Onsite techs maximize productivity by coordinating with and delegating to remote resources. Onsite visits to your facilities may be scheduled routinely based on your specific needs. We are Local tech support that lives where you work. Under most circumstances, Blue Network can be onsite within the same or next business day in case of emergencies.

Remote Support
The Blue Network remote support team provides desktop support to end users on a flexible schedule. Now you have a single point of contact for help. We offer a direct source of help for all of your users. Reach us by phone, email or TXT message! Remote support service will typically include:

  • Software performance troubleshooting
  • Application installation and configuration
  • Wireless, VPN and other network issues
  • Malware removal
  • Printing/scanning support
  • Miscellaneous peripherals support

Third Party Envoy
Blue Network acts as a technical liaison between your organization and any IT-related 3rd parties. Our quality service leaves you with more time to earn money. We know your systems and we know your network. Let us answer the tough technical questions and coordinate support with less flexible 3rd parties.

Security Auditing and Compliance
Blue Network understands the unique requirements of your industry. We also understand the constantly changing array of potential data security threats on the global internet. Stay current in the digital economy. Let us help you balance compliance, security and workflow needs. Our experts can:

  • Assist with standards compliance (PCI, HIPPA, etc.)
  • Install and maintain firewalls and manage firewall policies
  • Perform periodic log checks for suspicious activity
  • Manage site-to-site VPN tunnels
  • Manage switches and routers in the network
  • Create and manage VLANs and subnets as required
  • Perform periodic network intrusion testing
  • Manage password policies
  • Provide social engineering education

Antivirus and Antimalware
Blue Network includes industry standard security products which have been proven to reduce the risk of infection by computer virus, browser hijackers, key loggers, rootkits and all other malware threats. Due to the nature of the constant "cat-and-mouse" game played between malware creators and antimalware product vendors, there is no 100% guaranteed way to prevent infections, however Blue Network has been successful at healing systems quickly and thoroughly. We help you move forward when bad things happen. Our included antivirus and antimalware suite balances protection and performance on workstations and servers without negatively impacting your workflow.

Email Anti-spam
Blue Network includes email Anti-spam filtering service for each of your mailboxes. Don't waste time sifting through a daily flood of junk emails. Our Email Anti-Spam can greatly reduce or eliminate unsolicited email and/or email viruses plus other email malware from entering user mailboxes. Blue Network can fully manage the Anti-spam accounts and related settings to make sure that everything you want is being delivered, and everything you don't want is being blocked or quarantined. Individual users are also given the ability to manage their own quarantine and Anti-spam settings.

Web Content Filtering
Blue Network provides custom as well as category-based web content filtering for safe internet surfing. Keep your users on the right track. The filters are updated around the clock to include recently discovered malicious destinations. Filtering service can be enabled on a per user basis, or company-wide.

MSP Level II
Our MSP Level II is a set of advanced services along with the essential services offered in MSP Level I. This advanced package is recommended for organizations with mission cricital IT infrastructure.

Q. Who should consider MSP Level II?

A. Any Southern California business with at least 1 server, with a network of 1 to 300 active users.

Whether your organization has a single in-house server, a rack full of network equipment, or several buildings connected together, this comprehensive package is ideal.

24/7 Network and Server Monitoring
Blue Network can configure and monitor alerts originating from the hardware and software installed at your organization. We'll make sure that Your systems are up when you expect them to be. Critical events are handled as quickly as possible through the use of automated scripts, remote support, onsite support or any combination of the above.
The 24/7 monitoring and escalations typically include:

  • Real time monitoring of critical IT infrastructure
  • Monitoring of hosts (Server, Switch, Firewall) and Services (Most ports/protocols in use)
  • Round-trip email monitoring
  • Monitoring of availability, disk space, CPU, and memory usage
  • Trends analysis and response

Automatic Inventory Control
Blue Network records asset details including specifications, purchase dates, warranty dates + service levels, serial numbers and service provider contact information. Make choices about aging equipment before warranty expiration. Your organization can be automatically notified when assets or service contracts are nearing expiration or end-of-life, so that appropriate upgrades, renewals or replacements can be executed. This helps to ensure that your uptime requirements are met.

Comprehensive Reporting
Blue Network can provide automatic and on-demand reports for all of our services performed. We move toward your goals with your team. The reports package may be customized to suit your specific needs. We give you important tools that allow you to analyze both how your systems are performing and how Blue Network is performing.

Offsite and Local Backup
Blue Network includes a robust backup solution with both onsite and offsite backups of essential business data. Data can be as good as gold, so keep it safe. Our new offsite system features privately owned and controlled cloud servers. Your data is fully encrypted, and we do not share access with any 3rd party.