MSP Level II

MSP Level II
Our MSP Level II is a set of advanced services along with the essential services offered in MSP Level I. This advanced package is recommended for organizations with mission cricital IT infrastructure.

Q. Who should consider MSP Level II?

A. Any Southern California business with at least 1 server, with a network of 1 to 300 active users.

Whether your organization has a single in-house server, a rack full of network equipment, or several buildings connected together, this comprehensive package is ideal.

Services OfferedMSP Level IMSP Level II
Unit Pricing
24/7 Network and Server Monitoring
Automatic Inventory Control
Comprehensive Reporting
Offsite and Local Backup
IT Consultation and Planning
Hardware, Software and Services Procurement
IT Infrastructure Implementation
IT Infrastructure Maintenance
Onsite Support
Remote Support
Third Party Envoy
Security Auditing and Compliance
Antivirus and Antimalware
Email Anti-spam
Web Content Filtering